Toyota Kijang Innova


Interior Toyota Kijang Innova

New 8” Advanced Entertainment System

8” Touchscreen with Air Gesture, Web Browser, Miracast, HDMI, Bluetooth, Toyota Move, Smartphone Connectivity, Voice Command, & Digital Living Network Alliance.

Elegant Instrument Panel Design

New sophisticated dashboard design with state-of-the-art instruments and exclusive wooden panel.

New Premium Illumination Lamp

Premium ambient light provides exquisite traveling comfort.

6 Speed A/T with Sport Sequential Switchmatic

Sistem transmisi terbaru yang menambah efisiensi dalam berkendara.


Innovative color display provides a range of essential information.

All Auto Window

Convenience on every side.

Fitur Toyota Kijang Innova

New Drive Mode System

More than one way to drive. Eco mode helps optimize fuel efficiency to cruise in comfort. Power Mode maximizes engine response for enhanced acceleration.

Advanced Entertainment System Feature

Take pleasure in the state-of-the-art entertainment system with advance features.

Smart Phone Holder with USB Port & AUX-In

For staying connected at all times

Informasi Lainnya

Kijang Innova 2.4 V AT DIESEL LUX 393,900,000
Kijang Innova 2.4 V MT DIESEL LUX 374,100,000
Kijang Innova 2.4 G MT DIESEL LUX 326,900,000
Kijang Innova 2.0 V MT LUX 340,200,000
Kijang Innova 2.4 G AT DIESEL LUX 348,400,000
Kijang Innova 2.0 V AT LUX 359,800,000
Kijang Innova 2.0 G AT LUX 317,000,000
Kijang Innova 2.0 G MT LUX 296,800,000