Toyota Camry Hybrid


Interior Toyota Camry Hybrid

Advanced Air Conditioner Nanoe Technology

Indulge the passanger with high quality air generated by Nanoe Technology that gives healty & comfortable surroundings.

3 Zone Air Conditioner & Front Seat Air Conditioner

Automatically maintains a balanced environment to ensure sheer comfort, while rear ducts provide additional comfort for rear passengers.

Rear Seat Control Panel

Rear armrest reveals a whole host of buttons and controls for the air conditioning along with backrest adjustment for the rear seats.

New Advanced Wireless Charger on Rear Center Console

The wireless charging system lets you simply place your compatible device to be charged up wirelessly.

Steering Switch Control for Audio, MID & Cruise Control

Stay in control with one-touch access with Bluetooth® hands-free*, audio and MID functions.

The New Wood Finish Arm Rests

Makes the interior look extremely premium and lavish.

Fitur Toyota Camry Hybrid


The Camry is equipped with SRS driver airbags, SRS front passenger airbags, SRS front side airbags, SRS curtain shield airbags and driver knee airbags.

WIL Concept Front Seat

In rear-end collision the occupant’s upper body sink into seatback with the back supported while headrest simultaneously support the head.

Vehicle Stability Control

VSC will enhanced the driving stability while speeds up on slippery road or cornering.

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