Toyota Camry


Interior Toyota Camry

Luxurious & Spacious Cabin

The New Toyota Camry gives you space dedicated for your comfort & relaxation.

One Touch Control

Stay in control with one-touch access with Bluetooth® hands-free, audio and MID functions.

New Advanced Information & Entertainment System

Includes 8-inch touchscreen Audio-Video, Toyota Move, Toyota Navigation System, MiraCast & MirrorLink Technology & Toyota Audio Controller.

Front Seat Ventilation System

Comfort just got a lot fresher. The ventilation system allows you to control air circulation in the seat to enhance comfort.

New Wooden Instrument Panel Design

The exquisite wood panel design is found in New Camry Models.

Additional Convenience for Rear Passengers

The passenger seats feature a shoulder-mounted switch that conveniently allows the rear passenger to make adjustments.

Fitur Toyota Camry

Global Outstanding Assessment Body

GOA Body structure is made of high tensile steel sheets and optimally designed to absorb the greatest impact energy.


The Camry is equipped with SRS driver airbags, SRS front passenger airbags, SRS front side airbags, SRS curtain shield airbags and driver knee airbags.

WIL Concept Front Seat

In rear-end collision the occupant’s upper body sink into the seatback with the back supported while headrest simultaneously support the head.

Informasi Lainnya

Camry 2.5 L AT Hybrid 759,200,000
Camry 2.5 V AT 594,700,000
Camry 2.5 G AT 560,000,000