Honda Freed


Interior Honda Freed

Theatrical Cabin Space

Kursi New Honda Freed dirancang bertingkat di baris kedua dan ketiga layaknya di sebuah theater

Large Cargo Capacity

Cukup melipat kursi baris ketiga, kapasitas kabin dan muatan bagasi mudah disesuaikan dengan aktivitas Anda sekeluarga, 142L + 7 penumpang hingga 672L + 4 penumpang.

In-Dash Shift-Knob Lever

Mengemudi lebih mudah, leluasa dan terasa lapang berkat tuas transmisi yang menyatu dengan dashboard

Smooth and Suede Fabric Combination Sheet

Soft, adopted texture high sheet material "prime smooth" to the side portion, moist texture and rich sheet in combination with suede fabric. Leather-wrapped steering wheel and leather-wrapped select lever conjunction with, and produce a high-quality atmosphere in the indoor space.

Higher Quality Interior

Outside of the noise and wind noise, after which it adopted the sound insulation function with glass to reduce, such as rain in the front window, also additional soundproofing material, achieved excellent quietness. In addition, the steering wheel garnish and the center panel and silver paint, we are directing the advanced feeling and sense of quality of hybrid car unique.

Easy One-Step Low-Floor Flat Floor

Floor height slightly 390Mm. Low flat floor that gave birth to a low floor and low center of gravity package. In addition to Norikomeru to children and the elderly also easy, it is safe even when you get off on the day of the slippery rain. In addition, even in children also equipped with a large assist grip to easily accessible low position of the hand.

Fitur Honda Freed

Second-Row Seat is a Luggage Compartment

6-seater which adopted the captain seat in the second row, without having to arrange a second row seat 27-inch bicycle the without removing the steering wheel and tires, remains can be loaded upright. It is also useful to the loading of long object. In addition, the opening is wide open, because the ground clearance is low, is happy to be, such as loading and unloading of the bicycle.

Loose until the third row, spacious space for compact

Feet and overhead room. Then, a sheet with a generous thickness at large. Also equipped with armrest, it was made 3-row seat to comfortably sit in adults.

Second-Row Seat Both Sides Armrest

And entrusts both elbows, Relax. Resulted in a further clear to each and every occupied space, deepen the relaxation of captain sheet.

Informasi Lainnya

Freed S 273,300,000
Freed E 294,300,000